Fully automated recaptcha recognization

BypassRecaptcha.com is a sub-brand of the well-known bypasscaptcha.com and BypassCaptcha.com is dedicated for 24x7x365 professional captcha decoding since 2008.

Our service has run for years (from April 2008) with only several time down. It is hard to keep this service stable for long time. But fortunately we have several very good programmers working on this service. Our programmers not only work for this service, but also work for our other softwares. They are the secret of our very stable service.

We have a group of very good programmers. Our expertise includes LAMP system, PHP/Python/Perl/Ruby/JavaScript/C/C++/C# programming and network solution. We can help you on integrating our service into your software for free. We can even give you some help on your own field if you need.

We hire workers to work on our project not only to make money for ourselves, but also to make our workers live better with much better salary than other local workers without any special skills.

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